Research: “MOG-Spectrum Diseases in children: Longterm outcome, radiological features, treatment aspects, biomarkers of disease activity”.

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PI: K. Rostásy, Vestische Kinder- und Jugendklinik Datteln, Germany; E-Mail: k.rostasy(at)

M. Reindl, Neuroimmunology, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria;
Co-Investigators: M. Baumann, C. Lechner, Children´s Hospital Innsbruck, Austria; ch.lechner(at) 

E. Wendel Children´s Hospital Stuttgart, Germany; e.wendel(at)
I. Naggar, Vestische Kinder- und Jugendklinik Datteln, Germany

Collaborators: T. Chinits, Pediatric Neurology, MGH, Boston, USA;
R. Höftberger, Neuropathology, Medical University Vienna, Austria;
C. Finke, Neurology, Charité, Berlin, Germany.


Publications 2018- 2019


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